Create a Honey Pot Using a GT704WG Wireless Router

After having to chase some people down the street several weeks in a row for trying to crack my wireless WEP key from their cars, it occurred to me that instead of viewing the popularity of my wireless network as a nuisance it could actually be an opportunity. Recently, I was fortunate enough to acquire a spare wireless GT704WG router. After tinkering around with it for a while, I found that wireless routers provide an excellent platform for delivering personalized content to would be hackers, neighbors, and anyone in the area connecting to available networks. This page provides a list of steps that I have taken to create a captive portal (a.k.a. honeypot) from my GT704WG wireless router.

GT704WG Router

=== Steps ====

mkdir /var/www mkdir /var/www/errors

TODO: use wget to copy your index.html into the www and errors dir

Redirect all TCP web traffic to your router’’s own thttpd server

iptables -t nat -A PREROUTING -p tcp –dport 80 -j REDIRECT –to-port 80

Restart the web server using our var writable directory

kill pidof thttpd /usr/sbin/thttpd -d /var/www

Copy dproxy from the downloads section to /var

cd /var wget

Restart the proxy server using our proxy server below that always

responds with the router’’s address for all requests (

kill pidof dproxy;dproxy ```


The content and/or source code for the modified dproxy application has been made available as a reference below. It is our hope that it will be an encouragement to others learning to program freely available applications.

^ Filename ^ License ^ File type ^ Size ^ |gt704wg-dproxySrc |GPL v2 |Compressed C Source |40k |

Note: This code has not been fully tested. Please do not run this unless you acknowledge that you assume all risks associated with its operation. Last modified: 05/05/2020