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Assortment of Palm Pilot Applications

Do you have an old Palm Pilot III hanging around gathering dust? Breath new life into it with this assortment of palm pilot III applications. After downloading to your palm pilot, you’ll be able to view plans for building a kite, roll random dice, and arrange toothpicks to solve a geometric puzzle. Enjoy!

License: [[ Creative Commons-Zero]] (public domain)

Palm Apps


The content and/or source code for the “Assortment of Palm Pilot Applications” application has been made available as a reference below. It is our hope that it will be an encouragement to others learning to program other freely available applications.

^ Filename ^ Vers. ^ File type ^ Size ^ Comments ^ |Kite Plans| 1.0| Palm Application| 7k| Plans for building a delta kite.| |Palm Dice| 1.0| Palm Application| 7k| Roll dice on your palm.| |Toothpick Puzzle| 1.0| Palm Application| 5k| Geometric toothpick puzzle| |Kite Plans Source| 1.0| Palm Source Code| 6k| Built using the GCC Compiler| |Palm Dice Source| 1.0| Palm Source Code| 8k| Built using the GCC Compiler| |Toothpick Puzzle Source| 1.0| Palm Source Code| 15k| Built using the GCC Compiler|

Note: This code has not been fully tested. Please do not run this unless you acknowledge that you assume all risks associated with its operation.