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CodePug’s Love Calc

Every pug knows that first impressions are important. However, sometimes meeting someone for the first time can be such a brief event such as going out to the mailbox. If you’re lucky enough to have exchanged names then this relationship calculating machine may be just what you’re looking for. With the pug love calculator you will no longer have to guess if two people are compatible or not, this tool will do it for you.

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The content and/or source code for the “CodePug’s Love Calc” application written as a Java applet has been made available as a reference below. It is our hope that it will be an encouragement to others learning to program other freely available applications.

Filename Vers. File type Size Comments
Pug Love Calc Source 2.0 Java Source Code 2k Applet source code built using JDK 1.6.

Note: This code has not been fully tested. Please do not run this unless you acknowledge that you assume all risks associated with its operation.