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Hangman World Countries

Enjoy playing the classic game of hangman. All you have to do is guess the spelling of an unknown country before you run out of tries. When you pick a letter that is not part of the name of the mystery country then the next part of the hangman is drawn. When all parts have been drawn or the countries full spelling has been guessed the game is over.

To start a new game, click on the New Game button over in the lower left corner. When this button is pressed a new country is selected and the game starts from the beginning.

Play Hangman in HTML 5


The content and/or source code for the “Hangman Using Countries for the Zune HD” application has been made available as a reference below. It is our hope that it will be an encouragement to others learning to program other freely available applications.

^ Filename ^ Vers. ^ File type ^ Size ^ Comments ^ |[[|Hangman.ccgame]] |1.1 |Zune HD CCGame |500k |After downloading follow the steps in the turorial section at| |[[|Hangman Source]] |1.0 |Java Source Code |53k |Applet source code built using JDK 1.6.|

Note: This code has not been fully tested. Please do not run this unless you acknowledge that you assume all risks associated with its operation.